Are you Hot, or Cold?

Are you living your life to the fullest, or are you just letting it pass you by? Do you just sit and wait for things to happen, or do you go out and seek adventure? It boils down to is the glass half full in your life or is it half empty? If it isn’t at least half full then it might as well be empty because life is too short to be down and depressed. A negative outlook on life will no doubt bring negative experiences your way, and yet bad things happen to everyone, they people who decide to turn it around and make the best out of it usually feel like they are getting the most out of their life. I feel like most of society today is lukewarm, they are unhappy with how they are living their life but they don’t feel any sense of urgency to change their situation, they are lukewarm. Lukewarm people are not the most desired to be around if you are a “hot or cold” person. People that are “hot” have passion that everyone can see and these people tend to always love life, and even if they are not successful in the aspect of wealth, they tend to be rich in love, family and true friends. “cold” people are not necessarily opposite of a “hot” person though contrary to what you may think. I see “cold” people as someone that has come to terms with what life has given them, they may  be content with their life, but are not engaged in a passionate life long pursuit. These people end up not liking a lot of change or excitement in their life and just want to live out their life how it is. “Hot” people and “cold” people both love their life, “hot” usually welcome change and challenge in their life, and “cold” people would care less if anything changed at all. A “lukewarm” person lacks passion, and can not find contentment in their life. They tend to whine about how their life isn’t how they want it, but they do not have any real desire to change their situation. Being “lukewarm” is something we all should try to avoid.

via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm



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