You Owe YOU!

Or as Nike says “Just do it.” You are the only one truly holding yourself back from living the life you want to live. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be struggles along the way but the only one who can overcome those struggles is you.


How should the Universe respond to you based on your decision not to leave your mark of excellence on the world’s consciousness? How many perfect opportunities will you miss even as you search for the right opportunity?

How many more self-help books will you read before you finally accept your birthright—a destiny forged in greatness? How many more personal development seminars will you attend before you realize that the phenomenal life you are seeking is also seeking you? How many more motivational videos will you watch before you accept that you already possess the gifts, talents and skills to bring your lifetime dream to fruition? 

How long will you continue to overthink, get worked up and entertain self-doubt and worry? How long will you remain in a state of anxiety and uncertainty over problems that will never materialize? How long will you worship at the altar of other people’s success rather than create…

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Honey bees are the bee’s knees. Act before there are none.

This is more important than most of us realize, they benefit us so much, and they benefit the world far more than we ever give thought to.

Bird Flight

bee-259983__340 Good little honey bee

Bees have been long-time feared or disliked insects because of their painful stings when feeling threatened, but some (not all), like honey bees and bumble bees, lose their lives after they sting. It’s kind of sad, I think, because these bee are really rather useful insects that provide many benefits to humans. Honey bees pollinate 80 percent of flowering crops. Those crops constitute one-third of everything we eat. Without honey bees, we would not have apples, strawberries, nuts, broccoli, cucumbers, blueberries, and many other favorite foods. Oh yes, let’s also not forget honey. In addition, the beef and dairy industries would be affected because alfalfa crops would be threatened. Alfalfa is a main source of their feed. If none of the honey bees were to survive, our insect pollinated plants would not survive, potentially reducing mankind to little more than a water diet, or at least…

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