My name is John and I am the man behind The Red Bearded. I’m just getting into this blogging scene and my hope is to provide you with some excellent content. If there is anything that I can do better or if you have any suggestions just drop me a line on my contact page. Now a little bit on why I started blogging. My wife is going through the process to be a surrogate mother. I did some looking around and only came across blogs that were written by the surrogate mother and only had her point of view, when isn’t bad but I found a gap. The surrogate more likely than not has a partner that is going through this with her and often their perspective is left out. The attention is all on the surrogate and what they are going through. I thought it might be refreshing to tell the beautiful story of surrogacy through the eyes of the partner.

That isn’t all I want to write about though, I have great interests in aviation and aerospace, as well as many other things that I will get to at a later time. I hope that you enjoy this blog and share it with your friends!


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