Don’t Coddle Me

Just don’t coddle me. I am not a child. I am a grown adult and I take responsibility for my actions, for my livelihood, and for my future. I am not offended at something I don’t agree with and I am not going to need the security Blanket that is known as safe spaces because come on people get real, grow up and realize its ok to not agree with someone and to get offended. we still need to treat each other with respect. Too many people are “triggered”, or so offended they lose all rational thought and argument and it becomes only my feelings matter and yours don’t because you said something I don’t like or didn’t want to hear. We are living in a time where emotion trumps logic and reason. This is how my two-year-old acts! It seems the system has failed to produce good contributing members to society and instead has given us coddled children that can’t handle being an adult. Not everyone deserves a medal for participation, and nobody is entitled to anything they didn’t work for. For those of us that don’t need to be coddled, keep going strong because hopefully just like the terrible twos this too shall pass. Rant over

via Daily Prompt: Blanket